By purchasing our products you are acknowledging that;
  • You understand the local laws in your area regarding toy Gel blasters and that you may need a permit depending on your State or Territory.
  • You have taken all reasonable steps to ensure your compliance with local legislation.
  • Gel Blasters Corp, its owners and employees, will bare no responsibility with your (purchaser) compliance of state and territory laws and regulations.
  • You acknowledge that our products are toys in the state of Queensland and South Australia, however this interpretation may vary from state to state.
  • The purchaser of our products also acknowledges that if there is a requirement for a special permit in your state or territory, you have applied for and been approved and received the permit. 
  • The purchaser accepts that Gel Blasters Corp is a toy retailer and is not a firearms dealer, therefore has no ability to check validity of permits. 
  • The purchaser takes all responsibility for the purchase and the use of our products and it is the purchaser’s responsibility for personal compliance with State or Territory laws and Regulations.  
  • You agree to wear all appropriate safety gear including safety glasses and take necessary safety precautions when using any product purchased from Gel Blasters Corp.
  • Please do not take products purchased from Gel Blasters Corp into public and use in any way that may cause alarm or spark fear.